Shifting Gears: How GoGet Carshare Championed E-Waste Recycling


Australia's urban streets have seen a green revolution in recent times, not only in the cars Aussies drive but in how they access them. GoGet CarShare, a trailblazer in the car-sharing scene, cemented its presence in Australia's major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Kicking off as Newtown CarShare in 2003, it started with a modest fleet of three cars and a dedicated group of twelve members. Interest skyrocketed, and by November 2004, GoGet hit the streets of Melbourne. Shortly after, in 2005, the comprehensive service donned the name GoGet, reflecting its broad appeal and the vision to span across more than just one suburb.

The Brief

While GoGet was revolutionising urban mobility, they encountered a distinct challenge. With the rapid pace of tech and the necessity for regular upgrades to maintain top-notch services, GoGet amassed a fair bit of outdated tech. They didn't just need an efficient way to manage this e-waste; they also needed a top-tier, ISO-certified method for data destruction to protect sensitive info.


Recognising the crux of the situation and the absolute importance of data security, our mob got cracking. We kicked off our ISO-accredited e-waste management process tailored specifically for GoGet's needs.

  1. Collection: To ensure minimal mucking around for GoGet's operations, we set up a systematic collection routine. Using our ISO-accredited transport system, we made certain the old tech was safely shifted without any hiccups.
  2. Storage and Asset Management: Once safely transported, the devices were taken to our state-of-the-art storage facilities. Here, they underwent a proper asset management process, getting them sorted for data destruction and recycling.
  3. Blancco Data Destruction: Not taking a punt, we rolled out our Blancco data destruction service – the gold standard in secure data wipe-out. This made sure all the confidential bits and bobs stored in the devices were thoroughly destroyed, making them safe for recycling or disposal.

Moreover, to support GoGet's ongoing tech ventures, we chucked in a rebate system. By putting a price on the e-waste, we gave GoGet a rebate they could chuck back into snapping up new, top-of-the-line technology. This move didn't just make the disposal process easy on the wallet but also boosted GoGet's drive to stay cutting-edge in the tech game.

Services Offered

  • ISO-Accredited Transport: Making sure the e-waste gets from A to B without a hitch.
  • Storage and Asset Management: A structured approach to sorting out retired devices, ensuring they're prepped and ready for the next steps in their lifecycle.
  • Blancco Data Destruction: Offering a rock-solid promise against data breaches, keeping GoGet's good name spotless and its data safe as houses.


GoGet CarShare's dedication to sustainability isn't just about cutting down the number of cars on the road. By teaming up with us, they've taken a giant leap in tech sustainability, ensuring their old devices don't give the environment a hard time and that their data stays under wraps. This partnership stands as a ripper example of what businesses can achieve when they put both environmental care and data security front and centre.