What You Need To Do When Donating Old Tech To a Charity

As we constantly upgrade our personal gadgets, we often find ourselves with a pile of old tech gathering dust in our cupboards. Donating these outmoded devices to charity is a top-notch way to cut down on e-waste and provide a helping hand to those who can't afford the latest technology. However, we must tread with care; it's crucial to think twice before simply handing over our old devices to ensure data security.

The Risks Involved

Often, we don't realise the amount of sensitive information stored on our devices until it's too late. This can include everything from personal photos and documents to bank details and login credentials.

Simply deleting files before donation isn't enough; skilled data recovery experts can often retrieve data from 'wiped' devices, making them a potential treasure trove for identity thieves and cybercriminals.

The Role of Accredited E-Waste Recyclers

To ensure data security when donating old tech, it's vital to work with accredited e-waste recyclers. These organisations specialise in safely and securely managing old technology and ensuring that your data will be thoroughly erased. But they do more than that - they also ensure that your old technology is responsibly recycled, keeping harmful materials out of landfills.

Here are the key steps to follow when working with an e-waste recycler:

  1. Select an Accredited E-Waste Recycler: Ensure the organisation you choose is certified by established accreditation bodies like e-Stewards or R2. These certifications guarantee they adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and data security.
  2. Data Destruction: An accredited e-waste recycler uses professional-grade data destruction methods that permanently wipe your devices. This process is more robust than any data deletion you can do at home and is the most reliable way to keep your information safe.
  3. Secure Transport: Choose an e-waste recycler that offers secure transport of your devices from your location to their facility. This ensures your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands during transit.
  4. Donation Facilitation: Once your data has been securely erased, the e-waste recycler can facilitate the donation of your old devices to charities. They can make sure the devices are in good nick and appropriately refurbished for their new users.


Donating old tech to charity is a noble act that can make a significant difference in someone's life. However, without adequate attention to data security, this act of kindness can inadvertently expose your personal data to risk. By working with accredited e-waste recyclers, you not only ensure your data's security but also contribute to responsible e-waste recycling.

Remember, when it comes to donating your old technology, safety and security should never be a second thought. Always choose to work with an accredited e-waste recycler and be a part of the solution for a safer, greener world.